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Singin Wid A Sword

In Ma Hand

In Singin Wid A Sword in Ma Han, Topper, an enslaved field hand, tells the story, accompanied by a Griot chorus, of how she and her fiancé Nate, a hired-out carpenter, decide to run to freedom. They convince their family to come along even though they risk almost certain death if captured. They are assisted along the way by other enslaved folks, free Blacks, outlaw Maroon communities, Black Underground Railroad conductors and the Black Church. Throughout their journey, Spirituals not only express a longing for spiritual release and freedom, but also provide coded directions and warnings. (read more)


By a wide margin Singin Wid A Sword In Ma Han won the Audience Favorite Award out of 201 shows at the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival

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